Perkins Exterminators are a family business who have provided advanced spider control and management to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 40 years. For the health and safety of your family or work team, ensure you identify any potential pest problems and manage them before they cause long term damage. For effective management of spiders, call Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.

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    Australia is home to thousands of species of spiders, many of which are dangerous to humans and animals. Extermination and prevention of spider infestation is an important part of property maintenance, giving occupants peace of mind. Perkins Exterminators are experts in pest control and management and have an experienced team ready to effectively manage your spider infestation.

    What are the Signs of Spider Infestation?

    It is normal to see an occasional spider web around your dwelling, however, excessive webs and spiders in and around a building can be controlled. There are a few factors which may attract spiders and indicate their presence.



    If you find yourself repeatedly removing spider webs, this may be a sign of a spider problem. Spiders use these webs to catch prey. Extermination and pest control will limit the time you spend removing webs.


    Cracks and Crevices

    Spiders populate areas where they can burrow. Try to cover and block these holes to avoid creating hiding places for the spider.


    Some spiders like to live in areas of high moisture. People with moist basements often find that a spider problem is worst in that area.

    Unused places

    In the same way spiders populate where they can burrow, they also hide in places that they won’t be disturbed. Sheds, garages, wood piles, under eaves and storage rooms are some of the most affected areas.

    Suspect you’ve been Bitten by a Spider?

    Unfortunately, some venomous spiders call Australia home. While some spiders are harmless, particular species have a deadly bite and the victim must seek urgent medical assistance.

    Funnel Web, Redback and Mouse Spiders inhabit Australia and have a poisonous bite.
    Other species including White Tail spiders and Black House spiders may cause pain, itchiness or redness, but are not deemed as dangerous as the spider bites above.

    If you are unsure of the appearance or species of spider that bit you or your pet, seek medical assistance immediately.
    As a precaution, always seek medical care if you are bitten by a spider.

    Worried about Spiders in your Home or Business?

    Perkins Exterminators have an experienced and friendly team with the capacity to complete domestic inspections and large-scale commercial contracts. They work with schools, industrial sites, government facilities, workplaces and families to achieve their customer’s best outcome. For more information on spiders or to book an inspection or extermination, contact Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.