Perkins Exterminators are a family business who have provided advanced bird control and management to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 40 years. For the health and safety of your family or work team, ensure you identify any potential pest problems and manage them before they cause long term damage. For effective management of birds, call Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.

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    Why Consider Bird Control?

    Birds can transmit germs including food related diseases like Salmonella. Contamination of surfaces can cause disease or harm to humans and other animals.
    Fleas and mites often attach themselves to birds.
    Bird droppings create an unpleasant smell and messy appearance around buildings.
    When birds enter locations such as factories that store food, they can destroy the product and contaminate what they leave behind. For major food production factories, this can lead to significant loss of product.
    Damage to gutters and rooves caused by nests and droppings can be expensive to repair and cause aesthetic and functional problems.

    How do you Deter Birds from a Building?

    There are various devices that can be installed in your home or business to deter birds. These include:

    • Spikes
    • Bird Netting
    • Electric deterrents
    • Optical deterrents

    These effective techniques aim to deter the birds from inhabiting the affected area.

    In addition, behaviours such as feeding the bird or leaving food outside for them may attract, rather than deter birds from your area. Try to eliminate these food sources from around your home or business.

    Common Birds in Australia

    The most common birds considered pests include:

    • Feral pigeons
    • House sparrow
    • Starling
    • Myna

    The team at Perkins Exterminators can identify, control and manage pest problems including bird infestation.

    Contact Perkins Exterminators for Effective Bird Management

    Perkins Exterminators have an experienced and friendly team with the capacity to complete domestic inspections and large-scale commercial contracts. They work with schools, industrial sites, government facilities, workplaces and families to achieve their customer’s best outcome. For more information on birds or to book an inspection or extermination, contact Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.