Textile Pests

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    What are Textile Pests?

    Textile pests generally feed on the Keratin, a natural protein that is found in textiles of animal origin including wool, leather, feathers, silk and mohair. Common household items including carpet, furniture and clothing. They are also often referred to as fabric pests. Common species in Australia include:

    • Carpet Beetle
    • Tapestry Moth
    • Webbing Clothes Moth
    • Book Lice
    • Case Bearing Clothes Moth

    Textile pests can cause contamination and physical damage. It is common for infested homes to have to completely replace furniture or carpets which can be costly and time consuming.

    Signs of Textile Pests

    Textile pests are most active during warmer months, however, can be present throughout the year. Signs of a textile pest infestation in your home or business include:


    Finding the insects dead or alive.

    Loss of fibres in hair, fur or feathers around your building.
    Chewing marks.
    Dried evidence of droppings.
    Grazed surfaces.

    Managing Textile Pests

    Textile pests can be extremely difficult to identify, and early treatment and intervention is vital. Regular inspections of your property are recommended to ensure pests are controlled before damage occurs.

    Professional management of textile pests includes various techniques designed to instantly remove the problem and avoid future recurrence. Home remedies may not effectively treat the infestation, typically masking the problem as opposed to eliminating it. The Perkins Exterminators team understand and implement the most effective textile pest treatments.

    Do you require Professional Assistance for a Textile Pest Problem?

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