Perkins Exterminators are a family business who have provided advanced possum control and management to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 40 years. For the health and safety of your family or work team, ensure you identify any potential pest problems and manage them before they cause long term damage. For effective management of possums, call Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.

Possums can inhabit your roof, or building, potentially damaging cables, electrical cords and other important structures. This damage can be costly and dangerous which is why Perkins Exterminators offers services to effectively remove possums and keep them out of your home. In addition to physical damage, possums can spread disease and bacteria with the potential to contaminate surfaces or a water supply.

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    Protection of Possums in Australia

    In Australia, possums are protected and must be moved within 50 metres of the building when being removed. Therefore, the first step in possum management involves ensuring possums are appropriately moved. Next, the building is modified to block the entry points for future possums to enter your home.

    Possums can be aggressive to pets and people, meaning a professional is the best person to remove them from your residence. A comprehensive understanding of their behaviour, environmental needs and nature is vital to a safe and successful removal. Perkins Exterminators understand this process and encourage all people to seek professional assistance.

    Types of Possums in Australia


    Brushtail Possum

    This native Australian possum has a furry tail and is nocturnal. It feeds on leaves and sometimes small rats. They have been spotted with various colour variations including black and gold, silver and grey, and brown.

    Ringtail Possum

    This grey possum has a cream colour under its eyes and on its stomach. Their tail also has a distinctive white tip. The ringtail possum has sharp teeth and are typically 30 cm long plus the tail length.

    Dead Possum Removal

    Possum control does not involve poisoning or trapping a possum due to their protection, however, it is common for possums to die in a roof space due to natural causes. This can cause an unpleasant smell, and contamination. Hiring a professional to remove the possum and properly sanitise the affected area is important. Blocking entry points can then be completed safely and properly.

    Are there Possums in your Home or Business?

    Perkins Exterminators have an experienced and friendly team with the capacity to complete domestic inspections and large scale commercial contracts. They work with schools, industrial sites, government facilities, workplaces and families to achieve their customer’s best outcome. For more information on termites or to book an inspection or extermination, contact Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.