Perkins Exterminators are a family business who have provided advanced rodent control and management to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 40 years. For the health and safety of your family or work team, ensure you identify any potential pest problems and manage them before they cause long term damage. For effective management of rodents, call Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.

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    About Rodents

    Rats and mice are found in domestic and commercial properties across Australia. They adapt well to a range of environments and occupy spaces including ceiling cavities, storage cupboards, garden sheds, garages, external pet pens and more.

    Rodent infestations are treated in built up suburban areas as well as country properties. They reproduce quickly which is why there are often plagues at different times. Weather conditions do not determine their presence, but rather where they choose to burrow and live. For example, in the winter months, rodents may be more likely to occupy the ceiling space in search for warmth.

    Rodents are known to cause extensive damage and spread disease. Due to their poor eyesight, rodents use urine pillars to assist them in navigating the area. These pillars can exist in locations where physical contact is regular including handrails, bench seats, and bench tops. In addition to the health hazard caused by rodents, they also grind their front teeth on hard surfaces and have the potential to damage timber, bricks, hard plastics, and pipes. This can lead to plumbing or electrical damage which can have devastating results including floods or fires.

    It is important to urgently treat rodent infestation in order to minimise the damage caused to the health of occupants and the damage to the building’s structure.

    What are the Signs of Rodents in a Home or Business?

    Our customers usually visually sight rats, mice or their droppings as the first sign of a rodent infestation. In homes, residents often hear noises in the wall cavities or ceiling throughout the day and night. In all dwellings, especially sheds, garages and storage areas, the presence of droppings is a strong indicator of an infestation and should be taken seriously to avoid potential harm.

    How to Control and Manage Rodents​

    If you notice rodents or droppings around your dwelling, contact Perkins Exterminators as soon as possible to effectively treat the infestation. They offer modern treatments which are proven to provide a long term solution. Perkins Exterminators use rodent bait which is either a grain bait or an all-weather wax block style bait. The bait is always placed with precision to avoid harm to children or animals. In domestic infestations, Perkins Exterminators sometimes install a lockable rodent station to ensure only rodents can access the bait. In commercial locations, Perkins Exterminators always use a lockable tamper proof station for rodent bait to protect occupants and the general community.

    Contact Perkins Exterminators

    Perkins Exterminators have an experienced and friendly team with the capacity to complete domestic inspections and large scale commercial contracts. They work with schools, industrial sites, government facilities, workplaces and families to achieve their customer’s best outcome. For more information on termites or to book an inspection or extermination, contact Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.