Biting Insects

Perkins Exterminators are a family business who have provided advanced biting insect control and management to Melbourne homes and businesses for over 40 years. For the health and safety of your family or work team, ensure you identify any potential pest problems and manage them before they cause long term damage. For effective management of biting insects, call Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.

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    What Types of Biting Insects Exist in Australia?

    There are a range of biting insects in Australia including mosquitos, biting flies, fleas and bedbugs. These insects can be a nuisance, making it difficult to enjoy time outdoors. Unfortunately, their bites can also cause disease and discomfort, harming your family, friends or pets. Perkins Exterminators offer quality pest control services to limit and remove the presence of biting insects at your premises.



    Mosquitos can be a nuisance, sometimes preventing people from having outside gatherings. In addition to causing frustration, mosquitos carry disease and can cause harm or death to humans and pets. They are particularly present in warmer climates, and near water. Get back to enjoying your time outdoors and resolve your mosquito problem with the help of Perkins Exterminators.

    Bed Bugs

    Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate. They live on mattresses, bedding, clothing, and in flooring and cause bites all over the body. Bed bugs cause small red bumps on the skin. Treating bed bugs effectively is vital to ensure the complete removal of bugs and to avoid future infestation.


    Ticks bites can cause a range of diseases to humans and animals. Initially, a bite can cause hives, headache, nausea and anaphylactic shock in some. There are also links between tick bites and chronic diseases including Lyme disease. They are an ectoparasite that feed on the blood of mammals.


    Fleas are a common biting insect that can be carried on pets, livestock, wild animals and humans. Flea bites can cause itchiness and sensitivity. Treatment of flea infestations must be conducted on carpets and other surfaces as fleas and larvae can survive in these conditions for months.

    Biting Flies

    Biting flies such as the March Fly cause a painful bite and can ruin outdoor time. Their bite can also cause allergic reactions. In addition, they are a nuisance to livestock and pets who are not immune to their bite.

    How to Identify a Biting Insect Problem?

    An infestation of biting insects can be identified due to the following:

    Waking up with bites all over your body.
    Noticing your pet scratching more than usual.
    Finding ticks or fleas on your pets.
    Having excessive mosquitos present at your home or business.
    Contact Perkins Exterminators if you notice any other signs of a biting insect infestation.

    Contact Perkins Exterminators for Effective Biting Insect Treatment

    Perkins Exterminators have an experienced and friendly team with the capacity to complete domestic inspections and large-scale commercial contracts. They work with schools, industrial sites, government facilities, workplaces and families to achieve their customer’s best outcome. For more information on biting insects or to book an inspection or extermination, contact Perkins Exterminators on 1300 884 088.